Neonatology & Paediatrics

The department of Neonatology & Paediatrics was established with the intention of saving premature, critically sick newborns, neonates and Paediatric age group patients.

Department comprises of comprehensive tertiary care Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Pediatric general ward, Pediatric emergency (24×7) & Pediatric outpatient clinics.

The 40 bedded NICU is unique with state of art ultramodern, high quality premiere world class services and is equipped with Infant warmers, Phototherapy units, Portable X-Ray, Ultrasound machines, Multichannel monitors, Ventilators, CPAP machines, laminar flow work station for preparing TPN & formulas, HEPA filters in all the 4 units and Radiometer blood gas machines.

Department is fully supported by round the clock ultramodern diagnostic services. Special Chambers for mothers are available to give Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) for low birth weight and premature babies. NICU & PICU are managed by highly experienced paediatric & neonatal staff round the clock. Emergency ambulance equipped with transport incubator & ventilator.
Our institution is backed by super specialty paediatric services like
Paediatric outpatient also offers services like

Immunization Clinic

Immunization is a way of protecting the human body against infectious diseases through vaccination.

The immunization clinic of the hospital provides immunizations to infants and children.

Hospital services are directed towards preventive health care including vaccinations, wellness screening, allergy shots, screening tests, etc. an attempt to complete the entire immunization schedule within the age of one year so that the babies immunization should be ready to resist various infections and diseases.

Panel of Doctors

Dr. Vinay Vamadev Kulkarni MBBS, MD, DM
Dr Muntajibuddin Arif Ahmed MBBS, MD
Dr. Vinay Kumar MBBS, DNB
Dr. Bushra Raoof MBBS, MD & Fellowship in Neonatology
Dr. E. Apoorva MBBS, DCH, DNB
Dr. Dheemanth Kumar MBBS, DNB
Dr. Nisar Fatima MBBS, DCH
Dr. Afreen MBBS, MD
Dr. Farha Fathima MBBS, MRCPCH

Circumcision Clinic

Circumcision is usually performed as a religious obligation to prevent urinary infections in boys who are otherwise prone to develop urinary infections if not done.

Hospital offers this services and helps to protect the child against various infections.

Doctors for Circumcision

Dr. G. M. Irfan MBBS, MS, Mch
Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Mohammed Bin Yahia MBBS, MS, Mch
Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed MBBS, MS
General Surgery
Dr. Zubair MBBS, MS
General Surgery

Paediatric Surgery

The division of Paediatric surgery is highly committed in providing and promoting excellence in surgical care to the newborns and patients of Paediatric age group.
Dr. G. M. Irfan MBBS, MS, Mch
Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Mohammed Bin Yahia MBBS, MS, Mch
Paediatric Surgery

Paediatric Ophthalmology

Diagnostic facilities for the early detection and management of visual disorder or impairments in newborns at an early stage so that treatment can be given at the right time.
Dr. G. Ram Kumar MBBS, DO, DNB

Paediatric Orthopedics

Dr. Anand Allam Venkatesh MBBS, MS
Fellowship in Ped.Orthopedics

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