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Some of the initial virtual roulette games to appear in online casinos lacked the immersion and tactile feel of playing the real thing. Simply said, nothing compares to the thrill of seeing a genuine ball spin and bounce around a shiny roulette wheel while seated next to a real table.

Live Casino Roulette games try to replicate these aspects. These games provide virtual Roulette’s speed and convenience together with the excitement of seeing a real wheel spin. With, Canadian gamers can now experience the thrill of playing live roulette online.

Why Play Live Online Roulette?

Roulette games featuring a live dealer provide a different level of gameplay with greater immersion, more flair, larger stakes, and much more. Just consider these benefits and drawbacks while contrasting Live Casino Roulette with online versions:


  • Tables and real dealers.
  • Totally submerged.
  • Broad stake range.
  • Quick streams.
  • Options for chat.
  • Multi-cam choices.


  • Time restrictions apply.
  • The games go more languorously.

Rules of Live Casino roulette

The fundamentals of roulette are really straightforward: Place a bet on where you believe the ball will fall, then watch for the result. Although many casual players are unaware of them, there can be some subtle variances in the way the game is played as well as some unusual ways to put bets.

Board design

A variety of number squares are flanked by outer squares on the roulette table. All of them stand for wagers that may be made by piling your chips on the designated square. Most of these bets are straightforward. Simply place them on the “Red” square for Red, and on the “number” square for a single number. Other bets require special positioning.

Diverse bets

  • 2 Figures Place your chips on the vertical line separating the numbers of your choice.
  • Place the chips at the conclusion of the column of three numbers you’ve selected.
  • Place them on the middle point of the four digits.
  • 6 Numbers: Position your chips between two columns of 3 numbers, on the line.

Actual roulette

Live casino roulette games function just like regular casino roulette games. After placing your bets and awaiting the conclusion of the round, concentrate on the wheel as the croupier spins it.

Betting and Payouts at Live Roulette Casino

With odds ranging from 2.7% to 5.3%, roulette games have an RTP of between 94.7% and 97.3%. The major factor influencing the edge of the game is the quantity of green areas. Because there is just one in French roulette, the chances are greater for the gambler than they are in American roulette games, which normally include two.

Look at our Help section below to find out more about the precise payouts of the Live Roulette games you’ve chosen.

3 Best Strategies for Live Dealer Roulette

A game of chance is roulette. You cannot win with only strategy, and no amount of advice will enable you to amass a fortune. Players have however continued to develop methods despite this.

Some of these have existed for almost as long as Roulette, but others have only recently come into existence. We can’t recommend their usage because they are all highly hazardous, but if you want to play this game for yourself, it can help to know what tactics other players are employing:


The Martingale is by far the most popular and widely used roulette betting strategy, and it’s also one of the simplest to use. According to rumours, this tactic was so widely used that limit limitations were eventually added to Roulette tables in casinos all over the world.

The Martingale system’s fundamental tenet is that you should always stick to outside bets and double your wager after each loss. For instance, if you place a $1 wager and lose your first 5 bets before winning your 6th, it would seem as follows:

  1. $1 = Lose
  2. $2 = Lose
  3. $4 = Lose
  4. $8 = Lose
  5. $16 = Lose
  6. $32 = Win

It appears horrible because you’ve only won one game and lost five. But because of the way this system works, you’re really making a little money. Although you lost $31, you still made $32. Because of the nature of the method, no matter how many times you lose, you will ultimately earn your money back as long as you keep doubling your stake.

Of course, this is a very precarious path to take, and you can end yourself betting, losing money, and then chasing those losses with even greater ones.


The Paroli system is comparable to the Martingale method, with the exception that you raise your wager only when you win rather than when you lose. If you are successful three times in a row, your wager is reset to the initial stake.

  1. $1 = Lose
  2. $1 = Lose
  3. $1 = Lose
  4. $1 = Win
  5. $2 = Win
  6. $4 = Win
  7. $1 = Lose

For these seven spins on the roulette wheel, you’ve experienced four losses and three winnings, which is very typical. When confronted with a similar pattern, you might anticipate failing, but in reality, you’ll be $3 in the black, which will cover you for an additional 3 losses.

The advantage of this strategy over the Martingale is that you will never raise your stake more than four times because it only grows when you win and is limited to three consecutive victories.


Every Roulette betting technique has both proponents and opponents. People can believe that the Paroli is too safe or that the Martingale is too hazardous. Though opinions are sometimes divided, experienced gamblers have an almost unanimous distaste for the D’Alembert.

This is due to the fallacy at the heart of this tactic. It implies that the next outcome will be Red if you are placing Outside bets and the board has displayed Black two times in a row. This is just not how probability operates, thus this approach is ineffective.

Help at Live Roulette Online Casino

Try one of the three choices below if you want additional details about a particular game or have a query regarding the guidelines, odds, or other statistics:

On-screen menu

An in-game menu is available in each Live Roulette game at the casinos featured on This menu provides details about the guidelines, prizes, and other particulars. The three horizontal lines symbol at the top of the game screen leads to this menu. This symbol, commonly referred to as the “Hamburger” emblem, can be found on the majority of our slot machines, table games, and other Live Dealer games.

Customer service

Our customer service team is ready to handle your inquiry. This support department, which is staffed with qualified, committed team members, may be reached 24 hours a day from Canada by Live Chat, Phone, and Email.


To communicate with the dealer or other players and ask them any questions, utilize the Chat box on the game’s live broadcast. They are unable to respond to inquiries regarding your account, though, and you shouldn’t provide any private information. You may talk about bets, side bets, game features, and other game-related topics with this chat tool.

Promotions and Bonuses for Live Roulette Game

Check our promos and bonuses pages before rushing to play our Live Casino Roulette games. There are several deals, bonuses, and other incentives available that are all designed to give new players like you an advantage.

You may play roulette, a ton of slots, table games, and more using your welcome bonus and the credits you get.

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For hundreds of years, roulette has been a popular game. It continues to be one of the most popular games in both online and land-based casinos, and there are a variety of features, mechanics, bonuses, and other aspects to discover. By registering at and visiting our Live Casino, true aficionados of this game may take advantage of all of these advantages.

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