In the days of commercialization of the hospitals, where treatment of sick has become an industry with increasing commercial greed in sight, Muslim Maternity and Zanana Children’s Hospital in the Old city in Hyderabad, Proudly stands out distinctly as an institution which is not run with a profit motive, but without compromising with the quality of care.

I enjoy a unique privilege to have been associated with the management from its very start in 1970, in an old building and providing Obstetrics and Gynaec Services at a time, when the Government maternity hospital which was known as a Zanana Hospital was denied its character as a hospital run by women doctors only.

This had caused immense hardship to Muslim women who did not wish to go to hospital where the basic dignity of privacy was not maintained. At this crucial juncture this hospital was started and since then has maintained its unique Character of service provided by lady doctors only.

It is now housed in a new building constructed on land donated by a well wisher of the community

I pray to Almighty for its continued growth and prosperity.

Prof. M. A. Majeed Khan

Consultant Psychiatrist, Hyderabad