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Islamic Social Service Society is established in the year 1970 and Islamic Social Service Society specialized and has expertise in providing aid and relief to the needy through channels like Medical, Educational and Financial. It provides aid and relief by establishing and maintaining Hospitals, Clinics, Medical and Educational Institutions and various Welfare Centers. It also manages by granting funds and assistance.

The society provides aid and relief by establishing and maintaining Hospitals, Clinics, Medical & Education Institutions and various Welfare Centers.

Our Hospital Runs on a Fundamental Belief

We Treat-He Cures

Giving birth is one of life’s greatest experiences. Thus, Muslim Maternity has come a long way. That is why we work from the premise that it is important for all women to participate proactively, to have continuity and to be able to make decisions about their own pregnancy and birth.

Our Hospital offers integrated service for women and babies which includes; Obstetrics, Gynaecolony, Neonatology and Paediatrics.

Hospital is committed for providing first class clinical and nursing care along with dedicated and highly trained staff at every level, to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment.


To protect and promote modesty and to appreciate the virtue of modesty among women.
To serve the women patients with a team of dedicated women staff.
To provide medical facilities at economic, affordable and reasonable cost.
To provide medical care irrespective of caste, creed, socio economic status and without religious discrimination.
To establish and build up facilities for teaching medical graduates, post graduates and nursing students.


We strive to build up a holistic and comprehensive center for women, newborn and Paediatric patients, where clinical evaluation and treatment will be done with values of human dignity and Islamic morals by making every effort to achieve excellence in clinical care, teaching and research.


To provide excellent progressive patient care with institutional commitment to achieve the highest standards for the benefit of mankind and to please Almighty Allah.

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